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8 07 2008

We are linking up the Social Media Centre with START in Salford. We went and visited their building to find out about their projects and let’s say it is very impressive.

Here’s a short summary of what they do from their website at http://www.startinsalford.co.uk/

“Start in Salford promotes emotional well-being and recovery by providing creative arts-based activities and training opportunities for people who are, or maybe at risk of experiencing mental health difficulties.”

The way that the organisation is run and the activities they do is impressive enough

Start runs weekly studio-based workshops, outreach projects and residencies, an educational/cultural programme and an exhibition programme. Professional artists are regularly invited to run specialist workshops with members as part of its visiting artists programme and Start actively seeks commissions and other opportunities for its artists to engage in, providing genuine and valuable work experience.

Then the building that they are in is something that they’ve taken from a totally different use and moulded to suit the purpose of the organisation. It’s amazing.

In 2004 Start moved into Brunswick House, a grade two listed building that has been fully refurbished to incorporate multiple fully equipped arts studios, creative workshops and an extensive loft gallery/exhibition space.

Have a look at the website to see what they are up to and to see a gallery of some of the Artwork coming out of the project. I know that they are develloping a new website soon, I’m looking forward to seeing that.



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