[Social Media Centre] About Us

23 07 2008

The Social Media Centre Salford is based in the NDC community room at the Salford Innovation Forum. We have strong links with Salford University, Salford College and the BBC.

Our aim is to:
– use media to help community projects and individuals spread their messages innovatively
– be a hub of people sharing skills and exchanging information to create social media

What is Social Media?

It gives you tools to help tell your stories or experiences and publish them either on the Internet or in a community newsletter.

What kind of things can you do? You can:

* tell people about a local event or activity you are organising or have been to
* share your thoughts or experiences
* write about local history or share you memories of the area
* talk about your favorite recipe and show people how to make it
* tell people what you think about something that is happening locally

Do you want to know how to make a film, produce a community newsletter, understand what a blog is, learn how to use a mobile to make a video or record yourself, participate in a online discussion or talk to other people who share a similar activity online? Then get involved with the Social Media Centre!

One of our main projects is working with residents and groups in Charlestown and Lower Kersal who want to be part of our community reporters scheme, which includes visits to the BBC – would you like to get involved in this?

Contact us to find out more.

Phone: 0161 7433537
Email: teresa@mcin.net or mick@mcin.net
Website: https://socialmediacentre.wordpress.com



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