[Social Media Centre] Opening Night

23 07 2008

Date: Thursday the 12th June 2008

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It was all the fun of the fair when the Social Media Centre held an open evening for local residents on 12th June.

Circus skills, live music and films from the local area were all on offer as local residents learnt more about what goes on in the new NDC community room at the Innovation Forum – aka That Big Pink Building on Frederick Road! So, what exactly is on offer and who can join in?

One of the workers, Mick, put it like this, “Social media is basically ‘media’ – ie stories and news – that is made social – ie shared with others via the Internet, mobile phones, newsletters or film screenings. Technology has changed so much in recent years. It is now easier than ever for anyone to create their own website, make short films to post online, and share their stories with others in their community. We can offer support and free resources to anyone who wants to make that happen.”

Another thing that everyone agreed about was the fantastic contribution made by the young volunteers. Not only did they hand out leaflets and help people around the space – they did so in stilts while juggling!

The juggling balls may have been packed away but the Social Media Centre still has lots of fun on offer with a range of free courses and drop-in sessions. So, call in or call them today and find out what Social Media can do for you!

Additional notes from Jonathan Thomason,
Community Reporter Ordsall.

On Thursday 12th june, the Social Media Centre in Salford had an open evening to raise awareness of the centre and that this is a centre of local people to gain new skills in multi media.

MCIN are launching a media centre as a drop in on Fredrick Rd, Salford. It will train people to do video blogs at Salford Forum. They will have PC’s and Apple computers, plus staff who know how to use them, as a resource to the people of Salford. MCIN operate to create a social network to link people up using IT in Salford.

Computers are such a big tool to link people up. The opening day is link the drop in, open to all! There will be acrobats and jugglers. I do not know why, but it will be fun. I am so excited that he BBC are coming to Salford, and they will need people to employ.

The Media Centre can act to train people up. So they will be acting as a nucleus for social networks through out the country. I was in Los Angeles last week, but I feel we can steal a mark on the US here. Use the tools that LA have helped provide, to show the Yanks how to do it.

Please click on my video below which was taken at this event, enjoy !!!
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